Trials at Birmingham City and Sheffield United for two Calgary rising stars!

More and more Calgary footballers are making a name for themselves overseas. What used to be a seldom story in now becoming a monthly, dare I say,  weekly event. The reason for it is that we see coaches focusing on providing boys and girls a level of coaching and training, although scaled a lot smaller (due to lack of funding, facilities, etc.), that rivals Academy models of footballing countries.  Yes we still have a long way to go, but laying the proper foundation is the most important thing!

We talked with two up and coming Calgary Foothills FC Academy players, Skyler Rogers & Max Piepgrass, about the trip they will embark on next week to England. They will spend their time training with Championship side Birmingham City and League One’s Sheffield United Academies for a couple of weeks.  Watch what these boys had to say!


PARENTS, if you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of sending your child to train in another country are, I’ll make it simple for you. It gives our youth the chance to take the next step, they learn what it takes to play at that level both mentally and physically and they get to experience traveling to places they often never would go to.  It may not always be a successful trip, but going in with an open mind allows you to separate the good from the bad.  Allow your child to understand that growth comes from failure and to never stop loving what they do.

Best of luck to Max & Skyler, your hard work and focus is what has got you this far. Now it’s time to take the next step!


Go get ’em boys!!!