Dario Scuderi Injury

  BVB Starlet Dario Scuderi was injured in September during a UEFA youth league game with Dortmund U19 vs Legia Warsaw.  The midfielder stopped to pivot and his cleats stuck as he went to pivot. 

Body turned… knee didn’t!!

  The consequences were so serious that Scuderi suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in the front, posterior, and an out-of-band tear.  Blood circulation was disturbed in the lower portion of his leg and in order to save his leg, the 18-year-old had to undergo several operations. The muscles also had to be split to relieve the pressure. 

  Scuderi was on the verge of becoming a professional at Borussia Dortmund. Being crowned German champion with the B-Youth 2015, German champion with the A-Youth 2016, assignments in test matches with the pros under coach Thomas Tuchel. His injury has now changed everything!

BVB professionals sent their best wishes immediately, the youth teams showing it’s unity by shaping “You’ll never walk alone” at the training grounds. 

 Even some superstars such as Neymar, Andres Iniesta, Paolo Maldini, and Andrea Pirlo sent their best wishes.

The biggest problem, however, is that the nerves in his leg have been damaged. To the point where he has barely any feeling in his foot. In the face of the horrific injury the doctors are uncertain about his future. Scuderi says, “I’m sure I’ll be back on the pitch.”

The doctors have little hope that Scuderi will be able to resume professional football. For now, he waits and hangs in the balance of uncertainty. 

“It was and is my dream to play in this stadium.” Says Scuderi. 
The footballing world wishes you all the best and hoping for a return to the beautiful game!